1. Payment information    

                a              All payments are made upfront, per invoice, via EFT

                b             No cash payments will be accepted.

                c              Cash deposits require an additional fee of R50.

                                –              If the cash deposit does not include the additional fee, the fee will

                                                *             be added to the following invoice, or

                                                *             be subtracted from your ad spend payment

                d             Late payments will be handled as follows:

                                –              Ad spend on customer’s card: 7 days allowed to make payment

                                                *             After 7 days, the account will be paused

                                –              Ad spend on LMDYS card: the account will be paused immediately

2              Ad Spend                           

                a              Ad spend payment can be done one of 2 ways:

                                –              Directly on customer’s card, with them as billing admin adding the card details themselves

                                –              On LMDYS, with ad spend paid for the month in advance

                b             Ad spend on LMDYS card can be done for more than 1 month in advance.

3              Ad accounts                      

                a              Ads will only be created in ad accounts created by LMDYS.

                b             Clients do not have any access to change anything on the accounts.

                                –              Any changes will be discussed and implemented by LMDYS

4              Communication

                a              Our main method for communication is email

                b             A monthly check-in will be scheduled, if it is required

                c              A full report with the data of your campaign will be issued at the end of the month

                d             For emergency contact, we request that WhatsApp be used

5              Cancellations                    

                a              We request a month notice to cancel.

                                –              A full report with the data of your campaign will be issued at the end of the month

                b             Upon cancellation:          

                                –              All access that the client may still have to the ad account, will be removed.

                                –              Access of LMDYS to the company page of the client will be removed.

                                –              We require an exit survey to be completed

                c              Cancellations can be done immediately, no special fee applies, but:

                                –              No report will be supplied

                                –              There are no pro-rata refunds on campaign management fees upon cancellation                       

–             Un-used ad spend funds will be refunded